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The antique golf is a market leader in supplying golf collectibles to discerning collectors of golfing memorabilia worldwide. The Antique Golf Company was formed 10 years ago, we are based in Scotland. Today ANTIQUE GOLF is the market leader in the UK and Europe and we have a huge following in America.

Because we're based in Scotland, the home of golf, our golf
collectibles have a natural advantage. Golf has been played here in some form since 1432. The great clubmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries were Scottish, you'll find many of their clubs in our extensive collection of golfing memorabilia including antique golf clubs, golf balls and golf art.

We take pride that our rare collectible golf clubs and golfing memorabilia is presented to you in optimum condition. If it is necessary to do restorative work, for example if we have sourced an antique golf club without a grip, then we use materials which are faithful to the original clubmaker. Whipping can be tightened, shafts seasoned, wooden heads polished using original oils. Iron clubs will have rust removed and heads cleaned. When you buy an antique golf club from ANTIQUE GOLF be confident that it can go straight into your display cabinet.

We never use materials which could affect the ongoing appreciation of your investment. We also keep any restoration to a minimum to enable you and your friends to appreciate the true history of the antique golf collectible.

We hope you enjoy our Collection. We also encourage you to order a copy of our full colour printed catalogue. Its colour pictures and descriptions make great reference as well as great reading.

The Antique Golf Club
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